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"I'm not simply running against Barrasso, as some may perceive, particularly within the corridors of Washington, D.C. I'm running as the voice of Wyoming, to champion the values that define our great state. It's high time we had representation in our nation's capitol that truly embodies the spirit of Wyoming." - Reid



Key Issues:



Reid has signed the pledge with US TERM LIMITS and will vote in favor of term limits on congress. 

“Term limits are CRITICAL to fix Washington, D.C.! Our Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, not lifelong politicians. It's time for CHANGE! Join me to break the chains of complacency and restore ACCOUNTABILITY to our government!” -Reid 





Reid believes that the best government is a small government.

"I've pledged to uphold the timeless choice of self-governance over rule by a select few." 



Reid Rasner, candidate for US Senate, champions the enduring question of our time, echoing a timeless struggle that has defined history itself; the choice between allowing individuals to govern themselves or being subjected to the rule of a privileged few. With unwavering dedication, he stands for the empowerment of every citizen and the preservation of our democratic ideals, ensuring that the voice of the many prevails over the interests of the few.






Reid Rasner is a staunch advocate for fiscal responsibility. Over the past four decades, Congress has held a blank check and squandered American taxpayer funds on foreign ventures and interests. It's high time we prioritize America's interests and start caring for our nation and its citizens first.

"Balancing the budget isn't just a financial goal; it's a moral imperative. It's about ensuring that we leave a legacy of financial responsibility and a brighter future for generations to come." -Reid 






Reid believes that life begins at conception. 

"Protecting life is paramount! I firmly stand by the belief that life begins at conception. As a compassionate advocate for the sanctity of life, I support the idea that every single human being, right from the moment of conception, deserves the right to life, love, and protection. Embracing this perspective is essential for fostering a society that cherishes and safeguards the most vulnerable among us."






As a passionate outdoors enthusiast and a fourth-generation Wyoming resident, Reid is committed to safeguarding our Second Amendment rights. Reid firmly believes that every American citizen should have the knowledge and skills to handle firearms safely, and he advocates for the inclusion of firearm safety education in the curriculum of schools throughout the United States.

"Our Bill of Rights bestows upon us God-given freedoms that 'Shall not be infringed.' It is the duty of our government to safeguard these liberties. It is high time we elect officials at all levels of government who are dedicated to protecting our rights." - Reid






Reid is Wyoming's America First candidate who passionately champions Energy Independence. Reid is an unwavering advocate for unleashing Wyoming's Energy Industry to fuel our nation and set us on the path to prosperity.

"It is time to Energize America's Future! As your next United States Senator, my priority is clear: revitalize our energy sector, cut stifling regulations, and pave the way to true energy independence. It's time for American First Policies to be put in place that will last for generations to come. Let's empower innovation, create jobs, strengthen our nation's security, and Drill Baby Drill."





More To come - Check back daily! 









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